Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Taking Charge of Your Safety Online

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When it comes to crime, what do people worry about most? Having their car stolen? A break-in while they’re not at home? Good answers, but not the top answer by a long shot. In this U.S.-based survey, hacker-related crime weighed in at 72%, with a home burglary at 35% and auto theft at 34%, indicating that people’s concerns about cybercrime are very much front and center.  

Taking Charge of Your Safety Online 

The good news is that plenty of cybercrime can be prevented, or at least made less likely, provided you protect yourself online, much in the same way you take steps to protect your car or home. And that’s the focus of this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. With the theme of “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart,” it reminds us of how we can take charge of our own safety—the ways we can look out for ourselves and others as we enjoy our time online. 

Throughout October, we’re participating in Cybersecurity Month here on our blogs and across our social media channels, posting a host of ways that you can help keep cybercrooks away from your digital doorstep. Each week, we’ll tackle a different aspect of online protection: 

Week of October 4th: Be Cyber Smart 

Maybe it comes as no surprise to hear it, yet one recent study shows the average person spends nearly eight hours a day online. With that, we’re taking this week to focus on the family, how they spend their time online and how they can be safer when they do. 

Week of October 11th: Fight the Phish! 

Whether they come by email, text, or DM, phishing attacks account for the most common types of reported cybercrime, according to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. This week, we’ll show you how you can indeed fight the phish! 

Week of October 18th: Explore. Experience. Share. 

This sentiment sums up the best of the internet in so many ways. Getting out there, discovering, catching up with friends online. Our focus this week is helping you enjoy it all without any of the bad apples out there spoiling your fun. 

Week of October 25th: Cybersecurity First 

We wrap it up with a look at some of the top priorities so everyone in the family can #BeCyberSmart—online banking, app scams, privacy, identity theft, and more—along with plenty of straightforward tips that can help you stay safer. 

Join us all this month! 

We hope our posts throughout Cybersecurity Awareness Month help you get a little sharper and feel a little safer so you can enjoy your time online, free from hassles or headaches. Look for more from us throughout October! 

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