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We hope you’ve enjoyed Cyber Awareness month. This year’s theme asked us all to do our part to stay safer online. The idea is that if we each take steps to secure our lives online, then together we all contribute to creating a safer, more secure internet. Of course, it’s our job to help you #BeCyberSmart. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together all the safety tips we featured in October. From family security to protecting your latest smart home gadgets, they’re all here and organized by theme. So take a look below and let’s all do our part today, tomorrow, and in the year to come! 

#BeCyberSmart at any age 

10 quick tips for keeping the whole family safe 

Online security for senior citizens 

A quick list of tips for protecting kids on apps and social networking 

How to protect baby’s first digital footprints 

Millennials are major targets for identity theft. Check out this quick guide for protecting identity online 

Ways for online gamers to #BeCyberSmart. 

Fight the Phish! 

#Phishing is a common #scam that pops up in emails, DMs, and texts where crooks try and get you to click sketchy links. Learn how to spot them. 

#phishing quick tips:

  • A common attack is a fake shipment alert, where a text pretends to come from a legitimate carrier or delivery service. #BeCyberSmart, don’t click on any links. Go to the company’s webpage and follow up there, especially if you weren’t expecting a package! 
  • #Phishing also happens on voicemail. Crooks can pose as IRS agents during tax time or pretend to represent a bank, all to get your Social Security number or other info. #BeCyberSmart, hang up and call the organization in question directly to see if the issue is legit. 
  • With #phishing attacks, something can smell fishy and look fishy too. Spelling errors, clunky designs, and logos that don’t look quite right are often tell-tale signs that an email or message is fake. #BeCyberSmart, if something doesn’t look right, don’t click. 
  • By playing on people’s emotions with fake job offers or deals on hot holiday items, crooks create links to phony sites designed to steal personal info. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. #BeCyberSmart, don’t click. 
  • Does the message you just got from a friend or coworker seem a little … off? If so, this may be a #spearphishing attack where hackers pose as people you know to steal personal info from you. When in doubt, don’t click that link.  
  • You won! A weekend getaway! Tickets to opening day! A shopping spree! Or did you? Messages like these, whether online or in voicemails can be #phishing scams. #BeCyberSmart, don’t share your info without seeing if the operation is truly on the up-and-up. 

Explore, Experience, Share 

Securing your mobile phone. 

Protecting your #socialmedia accounts from hacks and attacks. 

Keeping the whole family safer 

Spotting fake news and misinformation 

How to avoid oversharing online. 

Managing your personal photos online safely. 

Interested in starting a podcast? Here are some tips to get you started. 

Check out some tips for keeping your family safe when you hit the road with your phones, tablets, and laptops 

Have smart home devices like a doorbell or smart lightbulbs? See how you can enjoy it all safely 

Making online protection a priority 

Staying safe while banking online 

App scams aimed at kids 

Take a look at some of the ways you can improve your privacy 

Using payment apps safely 

Protecting kids from identity theft 

Let’s talk online shopping and ways you can score some great deals safely during a time of year when hackers break out some of their oldest (yet effective) tricks 

Thanks for celebrating Cyber Awareness month with us this October. More importantly, we hope you’re able to take the tips above and not only make your life safer but also the lives of friends and family as well. After all, we all need to do our part to #BeCyberSmart and protected online. 

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