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I am renowned for getting myself into big messes – particularly in the kitchen when I’m cooking up a storm. And I’m totally fine being alone: chopping, stirring and baking until it’s time to clean up! And that’s when the overwhelm hits – I know I should clean as I cook but I never do! So, what do I do? Rally the troops! Yes siree! There’s nothing like another set of eyes or hands to help one wade through the overwhelm – I’m sure that’s why I had 4 kids!! 

Online Life Can Be Messy Too! 

Many people tell me that they feel a similar way about their online life. They know they need to be doing more to keep themselves safe, but they are completely overwhelmed at where to start. With so much of our lives lived online, it’s not uncommon for one person to have over a hundred online accounts across multiple devices which makes it very hard to keep track of logins, data breaches, or security software.  

And research conducted by McAfee shows that consumers know they need to take steps to protect themselves with 74% of users concerned about keeping information private online and 57% keen to be in more control of their personal information. Not surprisingly, since the pandemic started 47% of online consumers feel unsafe compared to just 29% beforehand. 

Where to Start? Your Protection Score! 

So, to try and make this very overwhelming task that bit easier, McAfee has developed a new tool that allows you to find your own Protection Score. Think of your Protection Score like your credit score or sleep score except this one is a measure of your security online. The higher the score, the safer you are online. And the best part about the score is that helps users identify exactly where they need to pinpoint their focus to ensure they are as safe as possible online. Think of it as a set of experienced hands to help you wade through the overwhelm. 

How Does It Work? 

In less than a minute, the McAfee Protection Score will provide you with a pretty clear understanding of how safe you are online. Participants are given a mark between 0 and 1000 that is based on several factors: whether you have online protection and whether your details have been leaked in a security breach. Now, don’t be alarmed if your score is low because here’s the best bit – you will receive a list of exactly what you need to do to improve it and protect yourself from online threats! Phew – my competitive type A personality wouldn’t have coped if I was unable to fix it!  

Let me give you an example, when I signed up, I was alerted to the fact that my email address had been involved in a breach, yes – I’m very human! So, it helped me remedy this by taking me to the appropriate page where I could update my password, and then, bingo, my score (and online safety) improved!!  

And just to ensure you remain committed, every time you venture back to the Protection Score page, your results and action plan will be there waiting for you to ensure you stay on track and most importantly, to cut through that overwhelm! 

Now, in case you were wondering, McAfee’s Protection Score is a first for the cybersecurity industry but good news – they’ve promised it will continue evolving. They will continue to add more features and opportunities to personalize so you can ensure you are living life to the full online!! 

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed at exactly what you need to do to get your online safety under control then McAfee’s Protection Score is exactly what you need. In less than a minute you’ll be able to get a clear understanding of where your online security sits and a personalized action plan so you can start addressing it right away! How good is that? 

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