APT hackers set a honeytrap to ensnare victims – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Cyber Security

A request to move an online conversation to a supposedly more secure platform may not be as well-meaning as it sounds

Have you ever been asked to move an online conversation to another – and supposedly more secure – platform? This technique, often used by romance scammers, was recently used against a number of Indian and Pakistani netizens, possibly with a military or political background. The targeted campaign – courtesy of the Transparent Tribe APT group and described in detail by ESET researchers earlier this week – distributed CapraRAT backdoors via trojanized secure messaging and calling apps branded as MeetsApp and MeetUp.

To learn more, watch the video. Be sure to give the blog a read, too: Love scam or espionage? Transparent Tribe lures Indian and Pakistani officials

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